/laɪn / (say luyn)

1. a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc., on a surface.
2. something resembling a traced line, as a band of colour, a seam, a furrow, etc.: lines of stratification in rock.
3. a furrow or wrinkle on the face, etc.
4. something arranged along a line, especially a straight line; a row or series: a line of trees.
5. a row of people standing side by side or one behind another: a line of customers.
6. a row of written or printed letters, words, etc.: a page of thirty lines.
7. a verse of poetry.
8. (plural) the spoken words of a drama, etc., or of an actor's part: the hero forgot his lines.
9. a ploy; deceit: he gave me the old line about working late.
10. an opening conversational gambit employed to attract someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested.
11. a short written message: a line from a friend.
12. an indication of demarcation; boundary; limit: to draw a line between right and wrong.
13. a course of action, procedure, thought, etc.: the Communist Party line.
14. a course of direction; route: the line of march.
a. line of road.
b. Colloquial a bush road.
16. a continuous series of persons or animals in chronological succession, especially in family descent: a line of great kings.
17. (plural) outline or contour: a ship of fine lines.
18. (plural) plan of construction, action, or procedure: two books written on the same lines.
19. (plural) Also, marriage lines. British Colloquial a certificate of marriage.
20. a kind of occupation or business: what line is your father in?
a. any transport company or system: a shipping line.
b. a system of public conveyances, as buses, steamers, etc., plying regularly between places.
22. a strip of railway track, a railway, or a railway system.
23. Electricity a wire circuit connecting two or more pieces of electrical apparatus.
24. TV one scanning line.
25. Fine Arts a mark from a crayon, pencil, brush, etc., in a work of graphic art, which defines the limits of the forms employed and is used either independently or in combination with modelling by means of shading.
26. Mathematics a continuous extent of length, straight or curved, without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point.
27. a straight line drawn from an observed object to the fovea of the eye: line of sight.
28. Cricket the direction of the ball after it leaves the bowler's hand, usually considered in relation to the stumps: the bowler's line varied too much.
29. a circle of the terrestrial or of the celestial sphere: the equinoctial line.
30. a supply of commercial goods of the same general class.
31. Bridge the line drawn between points counting towards game (below the line) and bonus, sometimes known as honour points (above the line).
32. Music one of the straight, horizontal, parallel strokes of the stave, or one above or below it.
33. Music
a. one of the parts, usually melodic, of a composition for many instruments or voices: the vocal line; the violin line.
b. the line of music which is fundamental to the harmonies being played, often played in jazz or rock bands by the bass guitar.
34. Military
a.firing line.
b. a defensive position: the Brisbane line.
c. a series of fortifications: the Maginot line.
35. (plural) Military the rows of huts, tents, etc., within a camp.
36. the line of arrangement of an army or of the ships of a fleet as drawn up ready for battle: line of battle.
37. a body or formation of troops or ships drawn up abreast.
38. a thread, string, thin wire, or the like.
39. a length of cord, nylon, silk, or the like, bearing a hook or hooks, used in fishing.
40. a strong cord or slender rope.
41. clothes line.
42. a cord, wire, or the like used for measuring or as a guide.
43. Nautical a length of rope for any purpose.
44. a pipe or hose: a steam line.
45. a wire or cable used for communications, as in a telephone system or a computer network.
46. a telephonic channel to a particular party: I'm sorry, sir, that line is busy.
47. telephonic access to external channels from an internal system: press 0 to get a line.
48. Sport a mark indicating the boundaries or divisions of a field or court.
49. Fencing one of the eight imaginary lines forming the target on the fencer's body.
50. (plural) a school punishment, usually consisting of writing out a phrase or sentence a specified number of times.
51. a former unit of length equivalent to ¹⁄₁₂ inch.
52. Colloquial a measure of a powdered drug, such as cocaine, speed, etc. laid out for inhalation.
verb (t) (lined, lining)
53. to draw or represent with a line or lines; delineate.
54. to mark with a line or lines: to line paper for writing.
55. to cover with lines or wrinkles: a face lined with worry.
56. to arrange a line along: to line the path with shrubs.
57. to arrange in a line along: to line the pots against the wall.
58. to form a line along: people lined the streets.
59. below the line, Accounting (of a revenue or cost) listed as unusual and non-recurring.
60. bring into line, to cause or persuade to agree or conform.
61. come on line, (of a production source in an operational network) to become active.
62. come (or fall) into line, to agree; conform.
63. do a line, Colloquial to inhale a measure of cocaine.
64. do a line for, Colloquial to flirt with.
65. do a line with, Colloquial to enter into an amorous relationship with.
66. draw a line in the sand, to indicate a limit to the activities of an adversary, which if crossed will result in retaliation.
67. draw the line, (sometimes followed by at) to impose a limit; refuse to do something.
68. get a line on, Colloquial to obtain information about.
69. get one's lines crossed, Colloquial to misunderstand.
70. go off line, (of a production source in an operational network) to be disconnected from a supply chain.
71. hard lines, Colloquial bad luck.
72. in line,
a. (of three or more objects) arranged in a straight line; in alignment.
b. in conformity or agreement.
c. well-placed; with a good chance: in line for promotion.
73. in the line of duty, as a part of one's responsibilities or obligations.
74. lay it on the line, Colloquial to state the case openly and honestly.
75. line of least resistance, the course of action requiring the minimum of effort or presenting the fewest difficulties.
76. line up,
a. to take a position in a line; range or queue.
b. to bring into a line, or into line with others.
c. to get hold of; make available: we must line up a speaker for the conference.
77. out of line, not in accord with standard practice, agreement, etc.; deviant.
78. pay on the line, to pay promptly.
79. put on the line, Colloquial to expose to risk, usually to prove a point, endorse a principle, etc.: in making this claim, she put her job on the line.
80. read between the lines, to find in something spoken or written more meaning than the words appear to express. {Phrase Origin: from the strategy in cryptography of writing a secret message in alternate lines within a larger message, such that if the larger message is read line by line, the meaning of the secret one is reversed or obscure}
81. shoot a line, Colloquial to boast.
82. stand in line, to queue.
83. the line, the equator.
84. toe the line, to behave according to the rules; conform; obey. {Phrase Origin: ? naval, with reference to sailors standing in a row with their toes touching a line drawn on the deck; ? military, from infantry drills; ? from running races, where all competitors must be in the correct position behind the starting line before the race can begin}
85. up the line, World War I in action.
{Middle English, coalescence of Old French ligne, from Vulgar Latin *linja, from Latin līnea thread, line, from līnum flax; and Old English līne rope, line, series, rule, representing a Germanic borrowing of Latin līnea}
/laɪn / (say luyn)

verb (t) (lined, lining)
1. to cover or fit on the inner side with something: to line drawers with paper.
2. to provide with a layer of material applied to the inner side: to line a coat with silk.
3. to cover: walls lined with bookcases.
4. to furnish or fill: to line one's pockets with money.
5. to reinforce (the back of a book) with glued fabric, paper, vellum, etc.
{Middle English lyne(n), from line (noun) flax, linen (as used for lining), Old English līn, from Latin līnum}

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